2016boys5Our Beef is Grain-Fed and Home Grown in Texas

Buying frozen beef from DIAMOND C Meat Co. is a smart decision for your family. Our freezer meat is high quality and is raised locally on our West Texas ranch. DIAMOND C cattle are grain-fed a diet that is free of food additives or growth hormones. And DIAMOND C meat  is dry-aged 21 – 28 days to in intensify its beefy flavor and increase its tenderness – something you won’t find in most supermarket meat.

Our cattle typically spend their lives out in the fields nursing their mothers and grazing on grass. In fact, our cattle spend about 80% of their lives eating grass before being switched to  a nutritionally balanced diet of corn and other grains.

DIAMOND C frozen beef is available as individually packaged cuts wrapped in freezer paper and ready for storage. Each package comes from a USDA-inspected facility and is clearly labeled with the weight and type of cut. Our beef contains no growth hormones and no antibiotics.

It takes longer to get from our ranch to your plate, but you will agree the wait was well worth it.