prime rib

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DIAMOND C frozen beef is available as individually packaged cuts of meat. Each package comes from a USDA-inspected facility and is clearly labeled with the weight and type of cut. DIAMOND C meat is wrapped in freezer paper for easy storage until you are ready to use it.


Ground Beef – 1 pound package – choice of 80+% to 20% lean $6.68 per pound

7-Bone Roast – Its high fat content produces excellent flavor and tenderness – excellent for a pot-roast. $6.98 per pound

Rump Roast – As flavorful as steak but should be cooked slowly to boost tenderness. $6.98 per pound

Stew Meat – Ours comes from the sirloin tip – cook on the grill or braise – use in your favorite recipe. $8.49 per pound

Fajita Meat – Flank/Skirt meat which has been tenderized and sliced – great for cooking on the grill. $8.49 per pound

Brisket (Full Cut) – Tenderized and trimmed and includes the deckling, an extra flap of meat. $5.98 per pound

Brisket (Flat Cut) – Tenderized and trimmed with the deckling removed –one of the 29 lean cuts of beef. $5.98 per pound

Top Round Steak – A lean cut with little marbling – Tenderized

Cube Steak – Tenderized cut, usually from the top round or top sirloin – perfect for chicken fried steak. $8.39 per pound

Sirloin Steak – Center of the sirloin – lean and flavorful. $14.98 per pound

T-Bone Steak – Gets its name from the shape of the bone in the cut – dry aging makes the flavor explode! $15.38 per pound

Rib Eye Steak – From the center ribs – has more internal marbling than other steaks – provides one of the very best beef eating experiences. $17.48 per pound

Porterhouse Steak – the King of Steaks – comes from the short loin. Dry aging is the secret to the rich, meaty flavor. $17.98 per pound

Tenderloin – Exemplifies all the goodness of beef’s tenderness and flavor. It melts in your mouth! $26.98 per pound

All of our steaks are cut 1 inch thick


Bacon $6.99 per pound

German Sausage $6.50 per pound

Breakfast Sausage $5.75 per pound